Products and Services

Cryoclock Pty Ltd develops state-of-the-art low noise and high stability oscillators for use in electronic systems that need the very best signals. We manufacture master oscillators with fractional frequency stabilities better than 1 part in 10    , world-class radio-frequency and microwave synthesizers that can translate the master oscillator signal to frequencies of interest with maximal fidelity, as well as low-noise radio-frequency and microwave signal distribution solutions over optical fibre.



Based on a whispering gallery mode of a cryogenically cooled sapphire crystal, Cryoclock’s cryoSapphire is an ultra-low phase-noise frequency oscillator that produces extremely stable signals from HF to X-band.

Key features and benefits
  • World-leading close-to-carrier phase noise
    Phase noise < -102 dBc/Hz (10.6 GHz) and < -135 dBc/Hz (100 MHz) @ 1 Hz offset

  • Ultra-high stability up to 10,000 seconds
    Fractional frequency stability of 6 × 10-16  @ 1 s and 1 × 10-14  @ 10,000 s (at 10.6 GHz)

  • Broad range of output frequencies
    Ultra-low-noise frequency synthesis from 12 GHz to
    10 MHz and 1 PPS, and customisable on request

  • Closed-system cryogenic cooling
    Continuous operation with low maintenance cycle
    of 20,000 hours


The team at Cryoclock are experts in precision time and frequency. We are always ready to offer our knowledge and expertise to provide tailored solutions for your precise needs.

Core capabilities and expertise
  • Reduced size, weight and power and enhanced performance specialty oscillators at customisable frequencies

  • Low-noise frequency synthesis, including frequency division, regenerative dividers and low-noise phase-lock loops

  • Noise-compensated signal distribution over optical fibre and free space

  • Specialist services and consulting in precision time and frequency systems