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Cryoclock’s vision is to become the world’s leading provider of ultra-high precision time and frequency solutions for the scientific, defence and industrial markets.

Founded in 2016, Cryoclock Pty Ltd is a high-tech company based in Adelaide, Australia. Taking advantage of over 70 years of combined experience in precision sensing and measurement, Cryoclock offers high-performance time and frequency systems that generate, synthesise and disseminate the purest radio-frequency and microwave signals available on the market. Our experienced team offers specialist research and development services including systems engineering and integration of complete time and frequency systems.

Cryoclock was the recipient of the prestigious 2018 Eureka Prize for Outstanding Science in safeguarding Australia and the AVALON 2019 Innovation Award for Autonomous and Unmanned Systems and ISR.


Meet The Team


Andre is a co-founder of Cryoclock and was one of the original pioneers of the cryogenic sapphire oscillator. His work is aimed at the development of state-of-the-art instruments in precision measurement. The excellence of his work has been recognised with the Barry Inglis Medal from the National Measurement Institute and the Australian Institute of Physics’ Alan Walsh Medal for Service to Industry.

Co-founder & Managing Director



John, a co-founder of Cryoclock, has been one of the key researchers in the development and maturing of the cryogenic sapphire oscillator since the early stages in the 1990s. His work resulted in the use of these oscillators globally, such as in Japan, Korea and France, in the fields of frequency metrology and radio-astronomy. In recognition, John was awarded the 2010 IEEE UFFC Society W.G. Cady award.

Co-founder & Director


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Martin oversees and coordinates the delivery of all the business activities of Cryoclock including projects, people and products. He has been part of the growing team over the past 4 years initially involved with maturing the technology and its capability demonstration to Defence radar customers. Before joining Cryoclock, Martin has built 25 years of R&D and product development experience in the Defence sector.

Operations Director



Fred brings a wealth of experience in ultra-stable frequency generation and measurement to Cryoclock, having held post-doctoral positions in the Time and Frequency divisions of both NIST and National Physical Laboratory in the UK. Since joining the team in 2016, Fred has used his extensive expertise to ensure Cryoclock products perform to the highest standards and meet the needs of our customers.

Technical Lead - Time and Frequency



Ori joined the Cryoclock team in 2017 and specialises in microwave engineering. A graduate of the IDF “Talpiot” program, Ori brings over a decade of experience working with antennas, RF and microwave systems as well as managing projects in defence environment. His more recent experience at operations development adds to the team manufacturing methodology and quality management aspects. He is also working on developing and testing future products for Cryoclock.

CSO Specialist - Microwave Engineering



Ka joined the Cryoclock team in 2017, and specialises in the development of the low-noise frequency synthesizer. Using his prior experiences in commercialisation, product design, and technical support, he is also heavily involved in developing and refining the next generation of Cryoclock's products.

CSO Specialist - Frequency Synthesizer


Andrew is an Independent Director and Board Chair of Cryoclock. He is a South Australian engineer and defence industry businessman, best known for his role as Chief Executive Officer of Defence SA. Andrew brings to Cryoclock a wealth of knowledge and experience, especially in the Defence sector.

Independent Director


Ted is a retired commercial lawyer and now a business advisor and Board member of several leading organisations in South Australia. As an Independent Director with decades of experience in the commercial space, Ted has been providing mentorship to Cryoclock since its inception.

Independent Director


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