Time and Frequency

The purity of Sapphire

“The purest signal available on the commercial market”


To be the premier, sovereign provider of highest precision products and support services for timing, instrumentation & sensors.

Cryoclock develops ultra-high precision time and frequency solutions in the HF and X-band.

At the heart of our world-leading technology is an ultra-pure sapphire crystal, which can generate signals a thousand times more pure than any other commercial system currently available.


Precise control of the cryogenic temperature of the sapphire enables unparalleled short-term stability. Coupled with our expertise for ultra-low noise synthesis, the result is a “turn-key” system that generates any frequency ranging from HF to X-band – the ultimate in precise frequency reference.

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Products and Services

Products and Services

Our precision oscillators enable your precision systems


Based on a whispering gallery mode of a cryogenically cooled sapphire crystal, Cryoclock’s cryoSapphire is an ultra-low phase-noise frequency oscillator that produces extremely stable signals from HF to X-band.



Ultra-low frequency conversion from HF to X-band



A sapphire oscillator with world beating phase noise

Key benefits:

  • World-leading close-to-carrier phase noise

  • Ultra-high stability up to 10,000 seconds

  • Broad range of customised output frequencies

  • Closed-system cryogenic cooling

Tailored solutions for your precise needs

Core capabilities:

  • Low-noise frequency generation and synthesis

  • Reduced SWaP and enhanced performance specialty oscillators

  • Noise-compensated signal distribution over fibre and free space

  • Specialist services and consulting in precision time and frequency systems


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